Laser Clay Shooting Medium Sized Group

With groups of 6 or more, the experience changes from just individual shooting to shooting in teams. Grab yourself a team member(s) and take on the rest.

We always begin with a practice round to make sure that everyone is comfortable in what they are doing.

Once the practice is over, the competition begins. A total of three teams rounds are contested including skill shot, the relay and moving mats. Will it be team blue, orange, yellow, red or green who are victorious?

We end the session with an individual round to identify the best shot of the day. 

Ideal experience for :

  • Group of mates
  • Big families

Information :

  • £20 pp
  • lasts 1 hour
  • age 10 +

Book Now

Book your session now.

Groups of 6 to 10 people

£ 20

/ per person

1 hour laser clay session

3 team games

1 individual round and Grand Final 

Tea/Coffee facilities through-out

Bottle of Prosecco for winner

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