Laser clay shooting is an outdoor electronic version of clay pigeon shooting. The objective of the game is to try and hit clays, as they fly across the sky, with modified shotguns that fire lasers beams instead of shells. An electronic scoreboard will let each participate know if they have hit or missed the clay and it keeps a continual score of each individual. A maximum of 5 people can fire at once with each person being able to hit the clay twice.

All ages and abilities can play with no experience needed. A fun competitive activity for all group sizes from 2 to 42. We play up to 8 different rounds per session including fastest finger, twist & pull and a relay for big group sizes. We like to end with an individual round to see who is the hotshot of the day. We can tailor-make the session to meet your requirements, whether you want it to be competitive or simply just for fun.

To summarise it is a perfect activity for anyone looking to try something new. It's FUN, it's EASY TO LEARN and it's HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Come and give it a shot (pun intended)



We like to make our sessions fun but with that slight edge of competition. We begin by introducing ourselves to the group and explaining how the system works. Each member of the group will be given a practice round so that they can get accustomed to the gun and the movement of the clays. We then split the group in to teams, play 4 to 5 team games before we finish with an individual round to see who will be the hotshot of the day.
We are based in Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire. Situated on the welsh border, half way between the towns of Hereford & Abergavenny. Our shooting range, set amongst the Herefordshire countryside, has far reaching views of the Golden Valley and the Black Mountains. A simply stunning location even if we do say so ourselves. Tea & Coffee included.
Our laser clay system is completely portable which means we can deliver the experience at a venue of your choice. What's easier than us coming to you and running the session from your doorstep? As it is an outdoor activity we do require a flat open area of around 20m by 30m, preferrably grass but it's not a necessity.

If you are staying in a local accommodation and would like us to come to you then please ask the owners permission before you book. We have been lucky to run events at many of the big houses in the county. (See a list of properties we have already visited)

Lemore Manor Brinsop Court Letton Court

Whitney Court Holme Lacy Hotel Kentchurch Court

Abbeydore Court Clyro Court Bishopswood House